About us


         We are the experts of wind band and orchestral instruments. Our business focus on wholesaling and retailing the woodwind, brass, string, classroom percussion instruments as well as professional percussion instruments. We import those famous brands from all over the world and we also re-export them to different places.

         Besides our company is also a leading music education company with passion to promote music training in the schools. We have the strongest music tutor team in Hong Kong with different music experts to conduct the following music training courses at schools :

  • Wind band and Orchestra
  • Strings Classes
  • Pop band Classes
  • Electronic Keyboards Classes
  • Harmonica and Melodica Classes
  • Percussion Classes
  • Guitar Classes
  • Chinese Instruments Classes

         As our location is closed to Mainland China, OEM and ODM business are welcome for overseas buyers whether the order is for one piece or 1000 pieces for woodwind, brasswind, string and percussion products.

         We will continue to do all our best to serve every customer and to develop different new aspects for enhancing the music education.